Our Services.

DHA offers a range of services to complete your company’s accounting, tax and financial administration necessities.

DHA may provide complete accounting service, from recording transactions to generating financial reports. We also provide tax compliance assistance to ensure your tax obligation is fulfilled according to the law. Furthermore, we might be able to assist clients in payroll processing, management reporting, cash flow management, social security compliance, etc.

Our Services

Accounting Service will cover the administration activities over Client’s financial transaction including document checking, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and document/record filing. This service shall be applied in all Client’s relevant business cycles, including:

  • the sales/revenue cycle;
  • expenditure cycle;
  • fixed asset and inventory accounting;
  • investment and loan accounting.

The accounting recording shall be applied with accrual basis. All transaction will be recorded according to financial information as provided by the Client, and shall be enclosed with supporting documents. The transaction will also be recorded and reported according to company’s finance and accounting policy and complied with GAAP Indonesia (Standar Akuntansi Keuangan Indonesia).

Accounting Service Deliverables:

  • Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement

Covering tax calculation, documentation preparation, remittance process to State Treasury as well as reporting to Tax Office. These processes are applied to Client’s monthly and annual tax obligation, including: employee withholding income tax (article 21/26), Value Added Tax (VAT), withholding tax (article 22/23/26), income tax article 4(2), article 15 (if any), as well as corporate income tax. Any other tax objects identified as liability of our Clients shall be informed and executed according to applicable tax law. During this engagement, DHA shall inform the Client of any new tax regulation relevant with the Client.

Tax Compliance Service Deliverables:

  • Calculation of Client’s tax obligation
  • Monthly and Annual Tax Reports for applicable tax objects

Covering the calculation of employees take home pay, employees income tax (article 21/26), social security (Jamsostek/BPJS) expense.
DHA shall also assist employee income tax report preparation, and produces salary slip to all employees registered permanently at Client.

Payroll Service Deliverables:

  • Individual income tax calculation and reports
  • Payroll slip
  • Social security (Jamsostek/BPJS) regular report

Design or redesign Client’s accounting, finance and tax function. We may help to analyze Client’s current financial policy, procedure, business process, reports template, organization as well as the application. From there, DHA will be able to recommend Client to improve current situation

  • Setting up accounting & finance function within Client
  • Re-design Client’s existing finance function

Management Consulting deliverables:

  • Finance & Accounting Policy
  • Finance & Accounting Procedure (Business Process)
  • Accounting application set-up
  • New finance organization structure

Preparing customized reports for manager’s decision making process. Derived from accounting data, DHA design and produce specific management reports, including SBU P&L, project costing and other report templates

Management reporting deliverables:

  • Profit & Loss (P&L) per SBU, product, channel, etc
  • Project Costing and Profitability
  • In depth analysis over Client’s business performance

Assisting client in managing their payment process, including their daily corporate expense, tax liability, payroll expense, as well as other Client’s expenditures. Through modern internet banking, DHA might assist Client in their payment process, while remained ensuring Client’s internal control and keep the financial risk as low as possible. Client might save their time in managing their account payable and payment process.

Handling administration obligation to Indonesia government and respective bodies. Client shall simply delegate the process to DHA to comply with current law

Corporate Administration Services:

  • Corporate Tax ID (NPWP) registration
  • Social Security (BPJS/Jamsostek) registration
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